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Made for the community



To save money and give back time to our customers by making laundry faster & easier.


-New, well-kept machines
-Clean, pristine environment
-Safe, secured location brightly lit
-Fast cycles (23 minute wash & 26 minute dry)
-Affordable pricing (20lb load wash & dry for $5)


Here for:
-The single mother pressed for time
-The stressed student on the go
-Business owners on tight budgets
-Working families of all backgrounds & circles

Michael Jones is a local boy that made good. Born and raised in a Daytona mobile home neighborhood, he is very familiar with local families and their needs. Particularly when it comes to laundry.

Ever since he was on his own at 18, he had experienced his fair share of dirty laundromats in sketchy areas. His dream is to provide a clean laundry experience that’s safe for everyone in the family to get the task done without it being a chore.


He sees Daytona Laundromat as an extension of the customer’s home and wants you to feel right at home here. Committed to providing a positive atmosphere for taking care of this essential family need.

Washing Whites
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