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Made for the community



To save money and give back time to our customers by making laundry faster & easier.


-New, well-kept machines
-Clean, pristine environment
-Safe, secured location brightly lit
-Fast cycles (23 minute wash & 26 minute dry)
-Affordable pricing (20lb load wash & dry for $5)


Here for:
-The single mother pressed for time
-The stressed student on the go
-Business owners on tight budgets
-Working families of all backgrounds & circles

Washing Whites
  • What are the sizes of your machines?
    There are 8 twenty pound washers, 5 thirty pound washers, 4 forty pound washers, and 4 sixty pound washers. All washers are set for a 23 minute cycle. There are also 20 heavy duty dryers. All are set for 5 minute spins for 0.25. All machines are Speed Queen.
  • Hours of Operation?
    Open for self service 24/7, every day. Even the holidays. Even Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, the attendant is only present 8am to 10pm, so our full-service, Wash & Fold is only available during those times.
  • What if the attendant is out when I need help?
    Call 386-238-9464. That is the business phone that the owner keeps on and routes to his personal cell phone 24/7.
  • Is there Vending?
    Yes, there are two vending machines. One has drinks and snacks. The other has soaps and laundry products. The food vending machine is refrigerated with water, gatorade, sodas, chips, and candy. The soap vending machine has laundry detergent, fabric softner, dryer sheets, stain remover, and laundry bags.
  • Is it safe there?
    Then attendant is armed and security-trained. There are high-res security cameras. The area is also very brightly lit. We want everyone to feel safe coming to do laundry at our establishment.
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