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STARTING AT $1.95/lb


We got you covered! Now with FREE Pickup & Delivery!

Why Use Our Service

​There are many pickup & delivery laundry services, yes. But this one is different. We believe your limited time is priceless and are so happy to give more of it back to you. Our drivers are available as long as our doors are open from 6am to Midnight every day. Even holidays.

​High quality washes, professional folding, and 24 hour turn-around time scheduled at your convenience is the Daytona Laundromat way.
Why We're Different

Want whites bleached?

Need hypoallergenic?

Wish to have certain items separated?

We can accommodate all of these!


We never mix two customers' laundry together. Each customer has their laundry ran in their own separately assigned machines.

High-Quality Work

Each item is washed in brand new machines that are always cleaned out before each cycle. All items are professionally folded to the Luxury Hotel standard.

On Your Schedule

You decide when we come to pickup and also when we come back to deliver it. You tell us exactly when you want to have both occur and we accommodate.

Services Include
Daytona Laundromat
Wash, Dry, & Fold

Our laundry professionals will wash, dry, and professionally fold your laundry.

$1.95 per lb.

Free Pickup & Delivery
Pickup and delivery driver will come out for the laundry at a date and time of your choosing for both pickup and drop-off
Daytona Laundromat
Daytona Laundromat
Hypoallergenic Available
If you have special washing needs, or sensitivities, let us know and we will be certain to meet them.

Outsource Your Laundry Chores To Us!

Life is too busy and too short to spend waiting on clothes in the washer and dryer. Many customers don't have the time to fold clothes. And others don't even have the time to drive to a laundromat for drop-off.

​We will take care of all these needs for you. We'll pickup, wash, dry, fold, bag, and delivery your laundry back to you for $1.95 a lb. Available anywhere in Volusia County.

Terms & Conditions
*The price is $1.95/lb and the minimum amount of laundry is $20 worth, or 10.3 lbs. If you have less delivered to us, we will still do it but we must charge $20 for the laundry as if it were 10.3 lbs to cover our costs involved. Children's clothes are $2.00 per pound. Almost all locations within a 3 mile radius qualify for free delivery. Others may be subject to additional charges.

What Our Customer Say

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